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pulling up and down, overcome difficult innovation drive upgrade

Post Time:2013-4-25 11:04:23 | Clicks:1875

We undertake the bid Ⅱ steel weight of the total 32000 tons, accounting for 22% of the total project tonnage; Bid Ⅱ space configuration change diversity, structure including frame, strong structure, large-span truss, spherical shells and ribbon LouCheng plate, steel bar truss and so on, the project of plane truss height above 3.6 m, span 54 m, the largest single nature, maximum weight of 164 t; Spherical shell for single-layer reticulated shells, the sphere is 29.625 m, bearing on the elevation of + 43.8 m of the main structure, installation high level is + 85.625 m

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