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Active service to be first, zhanjiang and "half the sky"

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Active service to be first, zhanjiang and "half the sky"
Zhanjiang Olympic sports center: at the beginning of the New Year, the three projects from the contractor zhongjian eight innings of the emergency, because tense construction period, large quantity, high quality requirements. Total package suddenly decided to originally by another company is responsible for the construction of the stadium project half of the project entrusted with our company. The decision, is the result of zhanjiang projects department efforts to fight for, also fully proved that the total package stadium steel structure construction of our company strength. In the face of the challenge of the it into its to my company to react quickly, within a very short time gathered many excellent construction team, and from shaoxing stadium projects department emergency calls to a number of experienced management personnel, zhanjiang Olympic sports center stadium project department improve quickly grow up!
Lower part of zhanjiang Olympic sports center stadium for saddle type of stand structure, nearly elliptic outer contour. Stand upside for cantilever covering for the steel structure, composed of cantilever steel truss, the 467.5 m long, maximum width about 297.6 m, cantilever covering high, middle low at both ends, height of 9.3 m, covering about 53.89 m high from the ground, my company is responsible for the eastern half of the steel structure installation work.
Because it all of a sudden, in the case of no preparation, the project faces considerable difficulties. Component piled up confusion, materials not neat, the poor quality of drawing cannot be used directly, time limit nervous almost no break-in period, etc. When facing the difficulties, the project department staff positions to resist pressure, positive action, turn pressure into motive force, make the impossible possible. Until today, the stadium roof truss, wall column for truss, truss has entered the stage of assembling, temporary support is also busy doing production and assembly, the whole project is gradually on the right track.
Although difficult, but zhanjiang projects department all the staff will unite as one, carries forward the arduous struggle the spirit, grasped the nettle and guarantee the smooth completion of the project!

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