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"Zhang Jianghui life" and "jing an kerry" two project for our company won an award

Post Time:2013-4-25 11:04:15 | Clicks:1937

Zhang Jianghui born on March 21, 2013, Shanghai jing an kerry annexes (north) and two projects or seize the crown, has won the Shanghai metal structure industry association "diamond award" quality engineering, greater things for the company, which fully shows the machine in the steel structure professional strength and technology level constantly leap ascension.
Zhang Jianghui raw project is located in Shanghai pudong new area, Shanghai is composed of five office buildings and the atrium of a circular body art, building height about 40 meters, construction area of about 100000 square meters, the total amount of steel 4500 tons, the engineering structure can be divided into the framework of steel structure, curtain wall structural steelwork, rack, steel structure, our company is mainly responsible for the project of steel structure fabrication and installation.

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